About Us

We're glad you decided to read a little more about us and what we're about.

First and foremost we're about doing our best for the environment. That is why we make your order when it comes in which allows us to cut down on waste and to provide you with a better product. The fashion industry is notorious for waste that goes into making product and this is our little way of helping out.

As our slogan says "For Beer Leaguers By Beer Leaguers" really tells a lot about us. We're just your average, and in some cases, below average, beer league hockey players and that want to produce some great products that others might enjoy.

We started this company because we had some ideas for designs kicking around in our head that we thought would look good on some clothing. Over time those ideas continued to build up and we decided to just go for it and create a company that could put those ideas into physical products that others could enjoy.

We really hope that you enjoy any product you decided to get from us. If you decide to post a picture to social media make sure to use the hashtag #hockeyleaguethreads as we'd love to see it and maybe feature it.

Thank you.